Orange Oil Mexico Citrus sinensis

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    Orange Mexico

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    • Botanical name: Citrus sinensis
    • Origin: Mexico
    • Crop Season: August - September
    • Plant/part used: Fruit/peel
    • Method of extraction: Cold expression
    • TSCA CAS: 8008-57-9
    • EINECS CAS: 8028-48-6
    • EINECS: 232-433-8
    • INCI Name: Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) oil
    • Appearance: Yellow orange to deep orange mobile liquid
    • Organoleptic Properties: Orange fresh juicy sweet
    • Density: 0.841 - 0.851
    • Refractive index: 1.470 - 1.474
    • Optical rotation: +94° to +102°
    • Chemical constituents: Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene, Linalool.
    • REACH: Registered
  • Latest Market Information April 20, 2021

    Earlier this year there were concerns about a drought that could severely affect the orange crops in Mexico like last year. The sharp drop in crop size was almost 40%. By March, due to the Corona scare, there was a huge hike in fresh fruit consumption due to the perceived benefits of orange juice against the Corona virus.

    Mexico produces Valencia, Lane Late Navel, and Navelina varieties, November to May being the key harvesting months. The 2020/21 figures of 2.53 million MT augurs well with orange production forecast to surge by 40%. This will help partially offset the dismal crop figures of last year. Unfortunately, lack of attention towards residual soil health and low producer investments in orchard rehabilitation, zero drought recovery efforts and no steps for pest mitigation continue to be challenges not likely to smoothen out in the next few years.

    Due to the closure of the hospitality trade, a higher percentage of fruit will be processed. Improved weather conditions indicate a robust 2020/21 production forecast of 4.01 million MT, a 58% increase from last year.

    Market price: USD 9.00 /kilo
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