The Company

Established in 2007, Ultra International B.V. is an essential oil specialist based out of Spijkenisse, Holland. Initially set-up to support organic growth in Europe for our parent company, Ultra International Ltd, New Delhi, we are today recognised as one of the most dynamic companies in the natural oils market.

Operating with the 2nd and 3rd generation of the Sanganeria family plus the addition of a number of prominent industry specialists, Ultra International B.V. covers the complete spectrum of the supply chain from sowing seeds to the delivery of the oil at your warehouse door.

The Sanganeria family name has a long and illustrious reputation for ethical business practices and for support of the grassroots industry. For today’s team those values remain our paramount focus.

Whether it be through bringing our own essential oils directly from the farm to your door, working with our many co-operatives around the world or providing stock, quality control, regulatory, logistical or cost solutions, our company’s objectives are to add value to any supply chain, making Ultra International B.V. a valuable part of your business.

Ultra International B.V. is part of the Ultra Group that consists of Ultra International Ltd., India, Ultra International Inc. USA, Ultra International (Far East) Pte Ltd., Singapore and our sister company’s Golden Grove Naturals, Australia and PT. Van Aroma, Indonesia.


Our European business started in 2005 through trading agreements with our Indian partners at Ultra International Ltd with full incorporation of Ultra International B.V. being established in 2007.  In a relative short space of time Ultra International B.V., along with the support of our partners at Ultra International Ltd, Ultra International Inc., Ultra International Far East (Singapore) Pte Ltd and most recently (2016) Golden Grove Naturals have enjoyed unprecedented growth in the market and one we intend to continue for many years to come through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. 

Head Office
Malledijk 3H, 3208 LA Spijkenisse, Netherlands
Group Turnover   
Est. 2018 USD 180 million +/-
Warehouse Locations   
Australia – Perth & Sydney
France – Grasse
India – New Delhi
Indonesia – Jakarta & Padang
Netherlands – Rotterdam 
Uruguay – Montevideo 
USA – New Jersey




The key to our success lies in our ability to support, manage and develop the infrastructure needed to have controls over supply. Without the guarantees of supply our model would not work for our clients or us. Sustainable supply is paramount to being able to provide our clients with the confidence needed to trust us as a long-term partner. Various projects are simultaneously in place to ensure that year-on-year, and season-on-season our vertical integration into our supply chain gets ever stronger.

One success is with P.T. Van Aroma in Indonesia. A sister company that was established to ensure that controls are in place from the procurement of raw materials, right through to the processing, quality control and delivery of goods to our clients meaning they are fit for purpose and ready to use. Today Van Aroma covers all our Indonesian essential oil requirements. Elsewhere we have similar stories of investment, joint ventures and co-operatives ensuring that products like tea tree, lemon oil, lime oil, coriander seed oil, clary sage oil, Lavandin grosso and lavender oil continue to be products in which we can guarantee consistency and long-term supply to our clients. Read more about our Affliliates

If you are a farmer or processor looking to benefit from the opportunities a partnership with Ultra can provide, then please do not hesitate to contact us.