The founding member of the Ultra Group, Ultra International was established in 1987 by Mr Sant Sanganeria, who had previously established Radha Sales Corporation back in 1969 to trade essential oils and aroma chemicals. The family involvement in the F&F industry dates back almost 90 years when Lakshmi Bottle Store was opened in 1929 by Mr. Prahalad Roy Sanganeria and Mrs. Radha Devi Sanganeria (father and mother of Mr. Sant Sanganeria & grandfather and grandmother of Mr. Ravi Sanganeria).
Today Ultra International provide the key administrative, technical, logistic and creative solutions to the whole Ultra Group and boast state-of-the-art R&D, QC and compounding facilities.

Established in 2013, our Singapore company was introduced to cater for the growing demands of the F&F industry throughout South East Asia by being Singapore the regional centre for our industry. It also helped in establishing our business in the Australian markets, facilitating the purchase of tea tree, sandalwood and many other new products for the group.
Today Ultra International (Far East) is serving clients in Singapore, South Korea, China and Japan along with establishing new local manufacturing for value added products derived from our pure essential oils to the local Singaporean markets.

Ultra Inc. was officially opened is 2015 to support the Group’s ever growing presence in the North American markets. As a key client base it was an important step to support our clients with local experts and stocking to ensure the Group’s core products were on hand when most needed.
Today this company also looks after procurement from South America and the growing aromatherapy trends sweeping the nation. Since being established new staff and new logistics have come on board to support the further growth of demand from the Americas.