Parsley Herb Oil Egypt Petroselinum crispum

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    Parsley leaf (herb) essential oil is extracted from the plant Petroselinum crispum. Native to the Mediterranean it is also common to find in many gardens worldwide with its primary use as a culinary herb. The oil itself has a bitter note which is somewhat different to the fresh odour of the leaves.

    In Egypt the soil is prepared in late summer and the seeds planted in September. The plant grows quickly and in just 3-4 months cutting can start with fresh oil usually becoming available around April / May.

    The oil is widely used as a flavouring but can also be found in perfumery applications and has some interesting benefits when used in the aromatherapy sector. As a perfumery ingredient you are most likely to find this appearing in more masculine fragrances and colognes along with some other hand soaps, cosmetics and detergents.

    Parsley leaf oil has antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, carminative, digestive, diuretic, and detoxifying properties. Some of its known benefits has been to help kill or inhibit the growth of infections; detoxify your blood to help improve circulation which aids the treatment of arthritis; and use its carminative properties to help with digestion issues, relieving or treating common issues like nausea, indigestion and stomach pains.

  • Product Details

    • Botanical name: Petroselinum crispum
    • Origin: Egypt
    • Crop Season: April - May
    • Plant/part used: Whole plant
    • Method of extraction: Steam distilation
    • TSCA CAS: 8000-68-8
    • EINECS CAS: 281-677-1
    • Appearance: Light yellow to pale brown colour
    • Organoleptic Properties: Fresh, herbal, spicy notes
    • Density: 0.908 - 0.940
    • Refractive index: 1.503 - 1.530
    • Optical rotation: -9º to 1º
    • Chemical constituents: alpha Pinene, beta Pinene, Mentha Triene, Myristicin, beta Myrcene
    • FEMA: 2836
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