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    Petitgrain growing in Paraguay
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    Young petitgrain plantation
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    Traditional petitgrain harvesting in Paraguay
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    Maturing plants almost ready for harvesting
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    Traditional distillation of petitgrain
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    Traditional setup for distilling petitgrain
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Petitgrain Oil Paraguay Citrus aurantium ssp.

  • Description

    Petitgrain oil is produced from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium amara), a member of the Rutaceae plant family. 

    These evergreen trees can grow up to 6 metres in the wild, but will only grow to half this height in cultivation. 

    It is mainly distilled by small farmers and delivered in small quantities to local traders (collectors), who then test, batch and resell the product to export houses. Harvesting and distillation is done between the months of October and March. 

    The tree produces a distinctive 'double leaf', which has a small bulge at the base of the main leaf. Its fruit is used to flavour liqueurs, such as Grand Mariner and Triple sec, and its flowers provide neroli and orange blossom oils, It is also used widely in perfumery for its strong, bitter-sweet, citrusy odour with floral and woody notes.

    Paraguay is the dominant producer of petitgrain oil and in recent years annual production has ranged between 180 – 200 tonnes, accounting for over 80% of global output. Almost all the oil is exported.

  • Product Details

    • Botanical name: Citrus aurantium ssp.
    • Origin: Paraguay
    • Crop Season: All Year
    • Plant/part used: Leaves and terminal branches
    • Method of extraction: Steam distillation
    • TSCA CAS: 8016-44-2
    • EINECS CAS: 8014-17-3
    • EINECS: 277-143-2
    • INCI Name: Citrus aurantium amara leaf/twig oil
    • Appearance: pale yellow to light brown mobile liquid
    • Organoleptic Properties: Light woody, fresh, sweet orange, green
    • Density: 0.885 - 0.898
    • Refractive index: 1.455 - 1.472
    • Optical rotation: -6° to -12°
    • Chemical constituents: Linalyl acetate, linalol
  • Latest Market Information April 30, 2024

    Oil is in stock. The production period will continue until May. Good volumes have been produced and supply should not be an issue during the months of June-August, once production concludes.

    Market prices : USD 76.00 /kilo
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