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Melissa Oil France Melissa officinalis

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    Melissa Oil (Melissa officinalis) or better known as Lemon Balm is a plant native to Southern and Eastern Europe with many plantations now established in Bulgaria.

    Lemon balm produces an essential oil by steam distillation that is one of the more expensive on the market owed to its high production costs and low yields. Although the common lemon scent can be replicated using cheaper citrus and lemongrass essential oils, pure lemon balm essential oil is valued for its properties in aromatherapy where it is considered to be uplifting and calming, and in skincare as an anti-inflammatory.

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    • Botanical name: Melissa officinalis
    • Origin: France
    • Crop Season: July
    • Plant/part used: Leaves
    • Method of extraction: Steam distillation
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