Eucalyptus globulus China Eucalyptus globulus

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    Eucalyptus globulus

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    • Botanical name: Eucalyptus globulus
    • Origin: China
  • Latest Market Information July 10, 2023

    Since 2012, 10,000 MT of Chinese eucalyptus oil has been exported every year. Volumes of crude oil available for trade are low. This number was sustained mostly even during the COVID pandemic years. At present, the volumes of crude oil available for trade are significantly lower than previous years. This is because fewer people are distilling the oil due to the low price. People are expecting prices to fall further and are happy to use up the stocks then make fresh purchases. Demand for the oil is low, and this has seen a gradual decline in price. Farmers are unwilling to sell at this price.

    Market prices USD 9.00 /kilo
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