Cinnamon Oil Sri Lanka Cinnamomum Zeylanicum

  • Description

    The cinnamon tree is part of the Lauraceae family. Probably originating from China it is now known to grow in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil and Indonesia.

    The tree itself is a tropical evergreen ranging in height from 5 – 15 metres (45ft) and grows best in sand.

    Our oil comes from sustainable plantations in Indonesia. When the bark is stripped it forms familiar cylindrical quills which are then powered before being steam distilled to create one of the world’s best known spices.

    The bark only yields 0.5 – 1.0% oil. It is highly fragrant but also expensive so its use is limited to fine fragrances and aromatherapy.

    Referenced in many perfumes for its spicy, oriental and woody notes it is a common ingredient on the perfumer’s palette for both masculine fragrances and in women’s perfumes. Some known references are Le Male, Jean Paul Gaultier, Old Spice, Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss and Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.

    As an aromatherapy oil its primary benefits are said to beneficial in supporting and maintaining a healthy immune and metabolic system. The oil is rich in minerals such as manganese, iron, calcium and fiber.

  • Product Details

    • Botanical name: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
    • Origin: Sri Lanka
    • Crop Season: May - December
    • Plant/part used: Bark
    • Method of extraction: Steam distillation
    • TSCA CAS: 8015-91-6
    • EINECS CAS: 283-479-0
    • INCI Name: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Oil
    • Appearance: Yellow to brown clean liquid
    • Organoleptic Properties: Characteristic of cinnamon
    • Density: 0.975 - 1.051
    • Refractive index: 1.545 - 1.700
    • Optical rotation: -1° to +2°
    • Chemical constituents: Cinnamaldehyde: 34 - 75% Eugenol: 1.0 - 30% Cinnamyl acetate: 0.5 - 6%
    • FEMA: 2291
  • Latest Market Information January 8, 2023

    Raw material is in short supply. The current season was over mid- December, while the new season will only commence in mid-June 2023. At present the price is stable, but it is expected to increase by the end of January.

    Market price : Leaf oil - USD 23.00 /kilo | Bark oil - USD 265.00 /kilo
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