Cedarwood Oil Himalayan India Cedrus deodara

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    Cedarwood Oil Himalayan

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    • Botanical name: Cedrus deodara
    • Origin: India
  • Latest Market Information April 30, 2024

    This oil is only extracted from the stumps and roots of the Himalayan cedarwood tree. The forests are now protected, the cutting of trees is illegal, and oil distillation is not permitted from the leaves and bark. State governments have now instituted a practice where private companies can harvest the roots of trees which have previously fallen, provided they plant three or four new saplings. Cedarwood oil production has constantly been on the rise in India. The price of the oil has fallen in the last few years due to the depreciation of the Indian rupee in comparison to the dollar.

    Market prices : USD 13.00 /kilo
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