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Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil Citrus limon (L.) Burm. F. Harvest: May - July

According to the latest data from the USDA report, the 2017/2018 Argentina lemon production is poised to touch 1.55 million metric tonnes. This is an impressive increase of 100,000 MT compared to the last crop. The reason behind this bumper harvest is the almost perfect weather that contributed to the flourishing of the lemon trees. Lemons destined for the processing industry are forecasted to go up to 1.18 million MT from the previous crop figure of 1.12 million MT.

There is zero carryover inventory of lemon oil or juice from the last crop, and the demand for lemon oil and juice remains strong. Currently, there is adequate supply of oil and juice in the market. The prices for both lemon oil and juice concentrate have come down from the last crop. Export figures are projected to shoot up due to larger production.


Market prices USD 32.00 /kilo


Blue Cypress Oil

Blue Cypress Oil Callitris intratropica Harvest: All Year

Despite an increase in volume, the market continues to maintain balanced levels. The growing demand from the aromatherapy sector has led oil requirements to reach a new high level. Due to tight supply and limited availability of stocks, it is recommended to book requirements soon.

Market prices USD 625.00 /kilo
Buddawood Oil

Buddawood Oil Eremophila mitchellii Harvest: March - October

Under current conditions, sales and production figures reveal steady progress and continue to rise at a healthy rate. The emerging advanced and improved distillation facilities have increased capacity with larger batch sizes now available in the market. Furthermore, the newly adopted distillation processes have resulted in a change of oil colour from a dark brown shade to a lighter brown. This change has eased up its use in fragrance application. The demand for this essential oil has increased significantly in the Middle East, turkey, and Russia; a further rise in demand is anticipated in coming months. Currently, more material is available on the ground, implying a quicker turnaround time than recorded earlier.

Market prices AUD 525.00 /kilo
Eucalyptus Horistes Oil

Eucalyptus Horistes Oil Eucalyptus kochii Harvest: April - November

Production continues to grow along with rising demand. Good yields from accepted crop rotation and plantation practices continue to be sustained in the current period. With the increasing prices of Chinese eucalyptus, it is becoming feasible to harvest, distil, and process Eucalyptus horistes in Australia. Oil production this year is expected to be approximately 50- 70 MT, and for next year, it is projected to be 100-150 MT. emerging investments in advanced facilities have led to an additional supply of oil in the market. Further positive developments in this crop are anticipated in the future.

Market prices AUD 40.00 /kilo
Eucalyptus Radiata Oil

Eucalyptus Radiata Oil Eucalyptus radiata Harvest: April - November

The market continues to remain under pressure. The total size of Australia’s market share in production is hard to calculate, but it is not thought to be larger than 7 MT per annum. The market feels pressure to deliver this oil due to a threefold rise in demand, ultimately leading to higher prices. Several known investments are in the pipeline to ensure that by the end of 2018 there will be more products available from newer plantations.

Market prices USD 85.00 /kilo
Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Lavandula officinalis Harvest: July

An ideal topography in various French regions has encouraged an expansion of production. This season saw an excellent harvest in the French regions resulting in a bumper crop. Currently, local farmers are emerging on a large scale. Information coming from source is that attractive price levels for producers have been reached.

Market prices Euro 200.00-220.00 /kilo
Lemon Myrtle Oil

Lemon Myrtle Oil Backhousia citriodora Harvest: June - August

Currently, Australia holds a monopoly as the single producer of lemon myrtle oil. Golden Grove naturals (GGN) has transplanted around 1,750 trees, and the current year’s yield is noted to be good. An additional transplant of around 2,000 plants is anticipated in the next five months. In order to produce 400-700 kg of oil this year, GGN will harvest close to 20 hectares of land. The growth in the aromatherapy market has led to demand touching new highs. This exotic origin of Australia attracts many producers and holds a top position in the aromatherapy sector due to the odour profile and high efficacy. Prices are at an all time high due to rising demand. Currently, some adulterated products are circulating in the market and sold as “Lemon Myrtle oil.” In order to ensure purity, it is recommended to conduct a c 14 tests for all the samples before purchase.

Market prices AUD 750.00 /kilo
Macadamia Oil

Macadamia Oil Macadamia integrifolia Harvest: March - October

The demand for this essential oil has increased significantly over the past few months. An inadequate supply of oil keeps current market pressures in place and demand is on the rise.

Market prices AUD 19.00 /kilo
Rosalina Oil

Rosalina Oil Melaleuca ericifolia Harvest: April - November

Rosalina is part of the Australian Melaleuca family. Southern rosalina was introduced as a sustainable alternative in the aromatherapy sector. Currently, the same botanical is being produced in different growing regions with different qualities. Thus, two qualities of rosalina oil are available in the market. 2018 may witness an improvement in supplies. the market continues to remain stable with an on- going production of rosalina oil.

Market prices AUD 410.00 /kilo
Sandalwood Oil - Northern Queensland

Sandalwood Oil - Northern Queensland Santalum spicatum Harvest: March - October

There is continued consolidation in the industry. With Golden Grove natural’s new and upcoming initiatives; we hope to be one of the key players in this product in future. New partnerships coming up in 2019 will ensure the continued success of this product in years to come.

Market prices USD 1500.00 /kilo
Sandalwood Oil Album

Sandalwood Oil Album Santalum album Harvest: March - November

Market activity had gone down due to continuing financial instability. Despite this, two plantation producers continue as active market players in the steady supply of Indian sandalwood oil. As such, there appears to be reasonable oil volumes available. There are still issues regarding firmness of one of the producers, but some indications reveal that the challenges faced will be resolved shortly.

Market prices USD 3000.00 /kilo
Sandalwood Oil Lanceolatum

Sandalwood Oil Lanceolatum Santalum lanceolatum Harvest: March - October

The market welcomes sandalwood oil as a new entrant from Queensland sandalwood species. Traditionally, oil was used for incense and carving. Current supplies continue to remain steady. With producers willing and able to supply 5MT per annum, supply is easily able to keep up with demand and remains healthy.

Market prices USD 2400.00 /kilo
Smokey Myrtle Oil

Smokey Myrtle Oil Leptospermum glaucesscens Harvest: November - January

Australian producers have a good forecast for smokey myrtle oil. With this particular oil, Australia continues to exist as the sole producer, growing plants under good climatic conditions.

Market prices AUD 280.00 /kilo
Tasmanian Mint Oil

Tasmanian Mint Oil Mentha piperita

This is a rare oil originating from an exotic origin. The good news is that the prevailing growing conditions are favourable and the production yield is increasing. Production will commence in November-December. Demand is soaring, especially in the aromatherapy sector. With an upsurge in demand, GGN has partnered with major market players to increase production.

Market prices USD 65.00 /kilo
Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Melaleuca alternifolia Harvest: May - November

Judging by the current cold weather and sufficient rain, this season is expected to bring in some robust figures. The favourable growing conditions with relatively good temperatures have resulted in a good harvest this year. The production season has begun and the harvest is in full swing all across the Gold coast. There is a 600-700 MT expectation for the market from this year’s harvest. With continued investments and developments in seeds, there is a healthy potential and an additional yield is expected in the near future.

Market prices AUD 52.00 /kilo


Kumquat Oil

Kumquat Oil Fortunella japonica Harvest: December - February

There is considerable awareness, and efforts are being directed towards development work at the end user level. Blueprints are in place for capacity enhancement, which currently hovers around 5 MT per annum. The existing cultivated areas are well insulated from unusual weather situations; and the projected figures for the year are somewhat similar to the current average.

Market prices USD 230.00 /kilo
Orange Oil CP

Orange Oil CP Citrus sinensis Harvest: July - December

In July this year, the USDA released its crop forecast figures for Brazilian orange production of 16.0 million MT for the current Brazilian marketing year, July 2018 to June 2019. This is around 23% lower than the last crop. The primary reason behind this year’s low prediction is that the trees are stressed after surprisingly good yields from last season. Consequently, the groves are expected to produce less fruit. Also, the arid weather and high temperatures in são Paulo and Minas Gerais states damaged blossoms, and were big impediments to the fruit setting. Local sources cite insufficient rainfall as another cause of worry and reason for further crop reduction. The industry awaits with great interest the second Brazilian orange crop estimate by Fundecitrus, due to be released on September 10th – coinciding with the opening of IFeAt’s 2018 cartagena conference.

Sources from origin reported that the production of Hamlyn orange has been very low. The Pera variety is not projected to be any better.

With the rather drastic plunge in orange production, and the increase in domestic fresh orange consumption, it is evident that oranges available for processing purposes will reduce substantially. The amount processed is projected to drop by 5.0 million MT to 11.1 million MT.

The demand for orange oil remains steady and stock levels remain low. the decline in crop size, and consequently available fruit for processing, will definitely affect supplies. Stocks are somewhat limited and prices are projected to increase for the new crop.

To summarise, there will be restricted quantities of orange oil supply due to decreased crop size, oranges available for processing will be significantly less than the last crop, prices are likely to escalate for the new crop, demand is firm for orange oil because of limited inventory, most sources are reluctant to commit on long term contracts in view of the prevalent uncertainties, and, with the Florida orange crop reaching its lowest in 75 years combined with an unwavering demand, the additional pressure on Brazil is tremendous.


Market prices USD 10.50-11.50 /kilo


Blue Chamomile Oil

Blue Chamomile Oil Chamomilla recutita (L.) Harvest: March - May

Chamomile is a flourishing essential oil crop in Bulgaria, widely used in herbal remedies. Interest in chamomile oil has increased in the past few years, and new producers have emerged in other countries. Due to higher chamazulene levels, Bulgaria continues to be a strong market participant, retaining its position for quality.

Market prices EURO 1310.00 /kilo
Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Lavandula angustifolia Harvest: July

Lavender crop production has been around 30 / 40 % lower as compared to last year, due to adverse weather conditions. Heavy rain and storms, just prior to and during the harvesting period, lead to a substantial reduction in yields. Some distilleries are holding back stock and waiting for prices to go up further.

Initial estimates suggest production below last year’s level and possibly in the order of 200-250 MT. At this time low price products will certainly be of inferior quality.

Market prices EURO 145.00 /kilo
Rose Oil

Rose Oil Rosa damascena Harvest: May - June

As a result of favourable climatic conditions and other natural factors, for more than 350 years, Bulgaria has been the land of rose oil production – and today it remains the world’s major rose oil producer. However, nothing is ever straightforward with Bulgarian rose production and each year throws up new challenges. Following the large increase in rose oil production in 2017, this season saw a severely compressed rose harvest period along with lower yields, labour shortages, and some distilleries even turning away already harvested rose flowers. This year’s weather conditions led to rose flowers blossoming rapidly and simultaneously in all the producing regions. This meant that rose flowers had to be processed within a 2-3 week harvesting period in contrast to the normal harvesting period of 4–6 weeks. This created major problems for all the distilleries, most of which had insufficient capacity to process the flowers available, leading some to set daily limits on rose deliveries as well as turn away roses from non- contracted suppliers. Oil yields were reduced from previous years. Fortunately, the area under rose production has been increasing in recent years, growing by an estimated quarter in the past two years. The larger production area helped to compensate for the lower yields.

In addition, labour availability was a greater problem than usual, in part because rose flowers needed to be handpicked during an even shorter harvesting period. Picking requires great dexterity, and patience, and is mainly done by the minority Roma people, particularly women. Labour costs increased in an effort to attract and maintain labour supply, and the situation was not helped by legislative issues relating to labour employment.

While the overall area under rose production has been growing, this is not the case with organic production, which has been decreasing. The area under certified organic roses has fallen by an estimated 15% over the past two years. This is the result of higher organic production costs, lower yields, and the ending of EU subsidies.

The large 2017 harvest put downward pressure on rose oil prices following their
2016 peak. The downward trend has continued in 2018. However, this is not the case with organic rose oil where high production costs have maintained price levels.

Finally, quality issues are still a major concern. Despite the fact that the international fragrance community is now more alert to adulteration issues, there is still a significant production of adulterated “rose oil” in Bulgaria. It is strongly recommended that the standard GC-MC analysis be undertaken on all offers, along with other tests to prove authenticity and origin. Products can be labelled as “Bulgarian rose oil” only if they possess a PGI certificate and mark. A PGI certificate and special mark is symbolic of a guarantee of true authentic quality of 100% pure and natural Bulgarian rose oil.


Market prices EURO 6900.00 /kilo
Yarrow Oil

Yarrow Oil Achillea millifolium Harvest: July - October

Yarrow oil, due to its blue colour and medicinal aroma, is gaining popularity in the aromatherapy market. Blue yarrow has an aroma that is sweet, fresh, and proves to be very effective in aromatherapy applications. In 2017, demand spiked despite sufficient supply quantities, and prices were higher than average.

Market prices EURO 1305.00 /kilo


Angelica Root Oil

Angelica Root Oil Angelica archangelica​​ Harvest: March - May

Affected by the demand of China’s domestic pharmaceutical companies, the price of raw materials of angelica root rose slightly in the recent past. However, due to the abundant inventory produced in the earlier period, the overall price stabilised.

Market prices USD 465.00 /kilo
Cassia Oil

Cassia Oil Cinnamomum cassia Harvest: May - July, October - December

In late June the price of cassia oil was relatively stable, and at a low. The factory has begun production of cassia oil by using dry cinnamon leaves, which were harvested from the spring crops. From the statistics of raw materials collected by various factories, the total output of cassia oil this spring is less than the corresponding time period last year. Predictions suggest a lower level of output in the autumn production season in October – November. It is advised that customers in need should not wait but book their purchases according to actual needs.

Market prices USD 39.00 /kilo
Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood Oil Juniperus virginiana Harvest: All Year

The demand for cedarwood oil is healthy and this unwavering demand is commanding steady prices. However, somewhat regulated supply of cedrol has seen a marginal increase in prices.

Market prices USD 17.00 /kilo
Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil Cymbopogon winterianus Harvest: June - December

Low pricing discourages local farmers from cultivating citronella. Thus the crop size for 2018 is largely reduced. At present, it is the production season for citronella oil, but the main producing areas are still witnessing rains. New oil output is considerably less; and demand still relatively weak.

Market prices USD 29.00 /kilo
Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil Salvia sclarea Harvest: July - August

In 2017, around 4,700 hectares of Salvia sclarea was cultivated and close to 12 tonnes of essential oil obtained. All of this stock has been exhausted as it is already sold out. In 2018, 1,700 hectares were cultivated. The plants are flourishing and farmers hope to achieve about 10 tonnes of essential oil amidst a healthily increasing demand. In 2018, factories have invested considerable sums towards steam distillation equipment. However, in the meantime, more than five small farmers have stopped cultivation and production due to the huge investment on environmental protection, and negligible margins on clary sage concrete.

Market prices USD 159.00 /kilo
Eucalyptus Citriodora

Eucalyptus Citriodora Corymbia citriodora Harvest: June - October

Supply during the small production season was tight; new crops will come in after October. At present, there is limited raw material available for processing. Current market supply is tight, but there is still some stock.


Market prices USD 25.00 /kilo
Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil Eucalyptus globulus Harvest: July - October

At present the main producing areas in china are experiencing rainfall. The forest ban imposed by the government is still in force; and as such there are no new oils. Some farmers are still holding stocks; but market demand is also relatively weak. There is moderate supply of raw materials. The main rural labour force is currently engaged in working in cities; others are also busy with agricultural production. In case there is no labour available and oil is depleted after the rainy season in the main production areas, and if market demand increases, factories will try to obtain any raw materials available. In such a scenario, eucalyptus oil and eucalyptol will see a trend of rising prices. Otherwise, prices are expected to remain relatively stable at current levels.

Supply during the small production season was tight; new crops will come in after October. At present, there is limited raw material available for processing. Current market supply is tight, but there is still some stock.


Market prices USD 32.00 /kilo
Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil Allium sativum L. Harvest: April - May

August marks the beginning of the garlic season, which ends in November. Prices for fresh garlic have been fluctuating, and eventually falling to very low levels. This has resulted in a drastic price drop of the essential oil too. Considering that the planting area has not decreased this year, and prices of new production raw materials look low, garlic essential oil is expected to remain steady at a reasonably lower rate.


Market prices USD 189.00 /kilo
Geranium Oil

Geranium Oil Pelargonium graveolens Harvest: May - September

The government’s agricultural subsidy policy has resulted in an increase in plantation area by at least 50% this year. The prices have reduced significantly. The production season is on-going now; but the main production takes place during the imminent rainy season. Farmers are unable to distil, and most farmers and collectors do not have much crude oil in stock. If the rains continue and the current supply-demand maintains its momentum, prices of Chinese geranium oil will increase slightly.

Market prices USD 198.00 /kilo
Ginger Oil

Ginger Oil Zingiber officinale Harvest: January - April

The ginger season begins in November and ends in December. The waning demand for this oil has led to a corresponding price drop. The market is witnessing active trading with relatively stable prices.

Market prices USD 94.00 /kilo
Ho Wood Oil

Ho Wood Oil Cinnamomum camphora Harvest: September - January, March - June

Ho wood prices maintain their constancy in the prevailing stable market situation.

Market prices USD 40.00 /kilo
Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Lavandula angustifolia Harvest: July - August

In 2017, 75 tonnes of essential oil was obtained from about 1,320 hectares of lavender cultivation; and all of this stock has been consumed. 2018 has seen a rise in cultivated area to 2,000 hectares. It is estimated that more than 100 tonnes of essential oil will be obtained from this crop. Harvesting and distillation is already in full swing. Prices have been on the higher side. This is a result of simultaneous production cuts in china and Europe, making it unlikely that prices will fall back.

Market prices USD 100.00 /kilo
Litsea Cubeba Oil

Litsea Cubeba Oil Litsea cubeba Harvest: July - September

At present, no raw materials can be supplied. In August, the new oil will be available. Due to large rainfall this year, the seed production of Litsea cubeba in the main producing area looks optimistic. However, the strict environmental protection policy implemented in china is having a great impact on production. The production entails an enormous amount of water waste and residue after distillation. Consequently, the cost of waste processing has shot up drastically, forcing some of the smaller factories to stop production this season.

Market prices USD 39.00 /kilo
Magnolia Flower Oil

Magnolia Flower Oil Magnolia alba Harvest: February - June

The production season of magnolia flower oil is mainly concentrated in May-June. This year there was excess rain during the production period, thus the output of magnolia flower oil is not large. The aroma of freshly produced magnolia flower oil is rough and raw, so will take a while for the better aroma to be available. Current supplies are dependent on the stocks from each factory, which are running short. Market watchers are anticipating price rises once demand also improves.

Market prices USD 1410.00 /kilo
Orris Root Oil

Orris Root Oil Harvest: July - September

Given the peculiar characteristic of orris roots i.e., new dry roots need to be placed one year before the formation of ironone and aroma, the total output of orris root last year was remarkably lower than the previous year. This year’s price of orris root has beaten last year’s rates. The current tight inventory of raw materials may lead to inflated prices later. When inventory consumption increases, it is likely that the price of the oil will follow the rise of raw materials.

Market prices USD 17.00 /kilo
Roman Chamomile Oil

Roman Chamomile Oil Chamaemelum nobile Harvest: November - January

Roman chamomile is primarily used as aromatherapy oil. 2017 saw less than 5 tonnes of oil obtained from 220 hectares of Anthemis nobilis cultivation. This stock is sold out. Currently, in 2018, around 1,000 hectares are under cultivation. It is anticipated that this will yield about 16 tonnes of essential oil. Harvesting and distillation of the plant is now under way.

Market prices USD 660.00 /kilo
Star Anise Oil

Star Anise Oil Illicium verum Harvest: March - May, November - December

The current supply of raw materials is very tight; the market price has continued to rise in late June. Most of the factories have no goods to supply, and new oil will not be available until November. In the meantime, prices of star anise oil and anethol have continued to soar. However, there is still adequate room for prices to stabilise; it is the best time for booking orders.

Market prices USD 23.00 /kilo
Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Melaleuca alternifolia Harvest: May - August

The crop season begins in August and continues till October. Incessant rains in the main production areas have had a radical impact. Production of raw material has been meagre, and supplies have been tightened. This scenario combined with stressed market conditions; prices are steadily on the rise.

Market prices USD 27.00 /kilo
Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen Oil Gaultheria procumbens Harvest: July - September

The current harvest season of wintergreen oil is expected to end in early August. Wintergreen is a wild plant; considering that, harvesting is difficult, and labour costs are prohibitive. Coupled with low margins, farmers are reluctant to cultivate wintergreen. Judging from the current production situation at origin, this year’s production and market price are set to match those of last year’s. Prices are predicted to rise on the back of healthy demand.

Market prices USD 52.00 /kilo


Basil Oil

Basil Oil Ocimum basilicum Harvest: March - October

The trend in 2017 showed a high demand with some deficit in supply. As a result, prices rose sharply. However, oil is available at source; there are reports about large cultivated areas, and naturally, a sizeable crop is anticipated. Now that the new crop has started, prices are on the decline and markets are easing out week- on-week.

Market prices USD 57.00 /kilo
Basil Oil Linalool

Basil Oil Linalool Ocimum basilicum L Harvest: June - September

2016 witnessed short supplies throughout the year. This created active demand in early 2017 and pushed up prices of the oil. The basil oil linalool harvest started in early August and finished in October. Due to farmers’ unrealistic price expectations, the oil prices hiked. While prices are higher with no relief, demand continues to remain active and the market is expected to be stable with good availability of stock.

Market prices USD 150.00 /kilo
Chamomile Blue  Oil

Chamomile Blue Oil Matricaria chamomilla Harvest: March - May

Seeds of blue chamomile oil are planted after summer and distillation takes place around March. Demand continues to remain active and supply peaked over the past few months. Current season’s growing conditions appear favourable with relatively good temperatures and the projected harvest is comparable to last year’s crop. Currently, prices continue to remain stable. However, with rising demand, a higher price may be charged for the crop in the near future.

Market prices USD 680.00 /kilo
Coriander Herb Oil

Coriander Herb Oil Coriandrum sativum L. Harvest: January - February, June - July

Adequate supplies in the market have ensured stability.


Market prices USD 205.00 /kilo
Cumin Seed Oil

Cumin Seed Oil Cuminum cyminum L. Harvest: May - June

There were a few weeks of turbulence since the start of the new crop; and prices started moving up due to limited crop. Though demand and supply remain stable at the moment, the prices are higher in comparison with last season, due to increasing demand for cumin seed oil. It is expected that the prices may inch upward in the coming period.

Market prices USD 142.00 /kilo
Geranium Oil

Geranium Oil Pelargonium graveolens Harvest: June - July

With sufficient availability of geranium oil at this point, demand remains very strong. Adequate availability of stock at origin keeps the market stable, and no dramatic rise in price is anticipated. Accompanying favourable conditions may yield a good crop in the near future. The production of new crop commenced around June. The reports are encouraging; a fair crop is expected. Speculators were expected to be active, which would have led to a price rise, but this did not happen. Prices remain unwavering and it is hoped that this will last through till the end of the production season.

Market prices USD 96.00 /kilo
Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine Absolute Jasminum grandiflorum L. Harvest: June - November

Growing conditions have been favourable this season leading to an anticipated good crop in the near future. 2016 saw a bumper crop leading to a crop surplus at the start of the 2017 season. The demand and supply situation continues to remain steady. During the coming months, stability in prices is anticipated as a result of a respectable crop

Market prices USD 3216.00 /kilo
Marjoram Oil

Marjoram Oil Origanum majorana Harvest: August - September

The demand for this essential oil has risen marginally as compared to the same period in the past season. The new crop production has almost ended with expectations of reasonable volumes. From recent conversations, there may be an availability of marjoram oil at source ensuring market stability, with a slight escalation in price

Market prices USD 80.00 /kilo
Parsley Leaf Oil

Parsley Leaf Oil Petroselinum crispum Harvest: April - May

With little interest and low production, the market continues to remain flat. Current status reveals oil production in Egypt has reached its limit. Despite this, there is a small quantity available at origin, thus keeping the general market satisfied.

Market prices USD 205.00 /kilo
Violet Absolute Oil

Violet Absolute Oil Viola odorata Harvest: December - May

Due to a sudden decline in oil prices, the amount of planted land has reduced to half of the previously cultivated area. Farmers are not showing any interest, they have given up farming this crop in the coming season due to these prevailing circumstances. As there is sufficient availability of stock, demand and supply continues to prevail in a stable state. However, prices could rise in the near future due to reduced production volume and prevailing market conditions.

Market prices USD 804.00 /kilo


Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil Salvia sclarea Harvest: June - July

Clary sage production thrives in the growing conditions available in southern France, and recently, there has been a substantial expansion of production. However, demand is lower than available supply, which has led to a sizeable decrease in clary sage oil prices. Next season will see fewer producers but some carryover of stocks.

Market prices Euro 120.00 /kilo
Coriander Seed Oil

Coriander Seed Oil Corriandrum sativum L. Harvest: July - August

Continued investments in new plantations have resulted in the expansion of growing areas – 200 hectares in 2017. In 2018, this figure is estimated to reach 300 hectares. However, it has not made a significant impact in the oil volumes.

Market prices Euro 85.00 /kilo
Cypress Oil

Cypress Oil Cupressus sempervirens L. Harvest: All Year

Cypress is harvested throughout the year. With the aromatherapy sector leading the demand for cypress oil, there is mounting pressure on the distillers and producers of the oil. The coming months are sure to witness an escalation in prices.

Market prices Euro 40.00 /kilo
Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum Oil Helichrysum italicum Harvest: July - August

The current season witnessed helichrysum oil production in abundance. Eastern Europe countries hold sizable stocks as the many producers in France support the harvest in large numbers. Bad quality helichrysum oil distillation by producers continues to remain the biggest area of concern. Demand for the oil continues to grow from the aromatherapy sector.

Market prices NA
Hyssop Officinale Oil

Hyssop Officinale Oil Hyssopus officinalis Harvest: March - June

Hyssop officina, commonly called common hyssop, is a Mediterranean and medicinal plant known since the ancient Greek era. It is cultivated on Valensole plateau as well as in Drôme provençale. In-depth research is undertaken by French organisations in order to produce a standard essential oil quality just like Melissa, and also to increase its utilisation. The methods adopted for cultivation are very similar to that of lavender and lavandin. Also, the harvest takes place at the same time.

Market prices Euro 240.00 /kilo
Lavandin Abrialis

Lavandin Abrialis Lavandula hybrida var. abrialis Harvest: July - August

The output decline has been at odds with general market slowdown. With only 700 hectares of plantation remaining, it’s impossible to find new arrivals in the near future. The material is in limited supply corresponding to a weak demand. Most end users have turned to reformulations to ensure their product is not at the mercy of an oil that is facing extinction.

Market prices Euro 45.00 /kilo
Lavandin Grosso

Lavandin Grosso Lavandula hybrida var. grosso Harvest: July - August

Due to a productivity crisis, the market continues to remain in a tense state. In 2017 there was a sudden drought that damaged plants and adversely impacted production. These successive droughts affected yields per hectare leading to much lower production than normal. Due to drier growing conditions, the lavandin producers in the South East region started to review their working methods in order to remain competitive. Lavandin grosso is being grown in several parts of the French territory. Farmers are convinced that output will increase in the next two years because of the increase in number of producers. As far as the issues of withering go, soil specialists are working on it and farmers are hoping that the problem will be resolved soon. Producers are revising their current modes and means of production, and are exploring ways for sustainable and ecological crop production. The focus is to extend the number of years for viable production while simultaneously maintaining yields; and if possible increasing it.

Market prices Euro 28.00 /kilo
Lavandin Sumian

Lavandin Sumian Lavandula hybrida var. sumian Harvest: July - August

There is an enormous increase in production, especially in the areas where there are withering issues, namely east of the Plateau de Valensole. This species is more resistant to attack by the devastating insect. Lavandin sumian is commanding higher prices than lavandin grosso. Few buyers have replaced their needs for grosso by the sumian.

Market prices Euro 42.00 /kilo
Lavandin Super

Lavandin Super Lavandula hybrida var. super Harvest: July - August

As with lavandin grosso, new producers of lavandin super are entering the market, and production is expected to rise. There may be an emergence of attractive oil prices for the coming season. Nevertheless, in comparison to lavandin grosso and lavandin sumian, the varieties of lavandin super and abrial are much more fragile.

Market prices Euro 50.00 /kilo
Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Lavandula angustifolia Harvest: September

Among the clonal lavenders the most renowned lavender varieties are Maillette, Matherone and Diva. The best-known varieties of lavender are rapido and carla. Last year’s lavender harvest faced a severe loss due to below freezing temperatures in the cultivating regions. This ultimately resulted in a substantial decline in total yield. This year is witness to a crisis situation in Bulgarian lavender production. Excessive rainfall and bad weather in Bulgaria have been the cause of significantly reduced lavender oil production and yield. This will eventually add pressure on French lavender. As the market demand for lavender will not be met by Bulgarian sources, users will try to meet their requirements from other origins. In this current situation of reduced supply from Bulgaria, the price of Lavender oil France is expected to increase further.

Market prices Euro 180.00-200.00 /kilo
Melissa Oil

Melissa Oil Melissa officinalis Harvest: July

For a variety of reasons, French melissa oil is highly priced. This has made French quality too expensive across the global market. The future prospects for this product in France are unlikely to improve under the prevailing conditions.

Market prices Euro 2750.00 /kilo
Thyme Oil

Thyme Oil Thymus vulgaris Harvest: June - August

Demand for this product is very high. French producers have started exploring a wide range of options in the food industry. The new crop just harvested is identical to other crops cultivated in the market. This oil is also committed to meet the growing aromatherapy demand.

Market prices Euro 144.00 /kilo


Amyris Oil

Amyris Oil Amyris balsamifera Harvest: All Year

Imposing a quota limit on raw material has ultimately led to restricted supply of amyris oil. Demand for this product is currently at a record high with back orders of between two to four months. There is a limited quantity of raw material available that can be sold. High fuel prices have affected production leading to a rise in prices over the last few months. The market continues to remain under pressure, as buyers get anxious about securing stock.

Market prices USD 84.00 / kilo


Basil Oil

Basil Oil Ocimum basilicum Harvest: November - February

There has not been much fluctuation; the trend seems stable. Demand for methyl chavicol and anethole is poor, but demand for linalool is constant following one of the biggest crises of aroma chemicals. This is keeping prices tight for this product.

Market prices USD 12.00 /kilo
Black Pepper Oil

Black Pepper Oil Piper nigrum L. Harvest: December - February

The season for pepper begins in January. 2018 opened on a positive note with a certain stability observed in terms of supply as well as pricing. The situation is not expected to change in the near future and the current unvarying rates should prevail.

Market prices USD 55.00 /kilo
Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil Cymbopogon winterianus Harvest: October - February

Sub-standard material with low citronella content has made its way into the market. This has led to unstable market conditions.

Market prices USD 24.00 /kilo
Cornmint Oil

Cornmint Oil Mentha arvensis Harvest: May - July

May was an eventful month for Mentha arvensis. Prices fell sharply for mentha oil, DMo (dementholised mint oil) and mentha powder, in anticipation of a good crop. However, prices soared again in the first week of June. This was due to strong demand and significantly less production. Prices of menthol crystals too are dependent on market prices commanded by mentha oil.

At present, there is a marked difference between the prices of mentha oil and menthol crystals. The availability of menthol is restricted. There has been a significant change in market sentiment during the last month. Farmers are unwilling to sell their stocks at reduced prices. Despite the fact that distillation of Mentha arvensis is in full swing, arrivals of stocks at diminished prices have not been encouraging. At present sentiments are bullish, buoyed on the hope that prices will inflate in the coming weeks. The reason for this expectation is not illogical. Menthol powder has seen a huge spurt in demand from china. Yet at the same time, most major consumers were waiting to cover their requirements by the end of June.

One of the key producers has re-commenced production of synthetic menthol, but the plant is running at partial capacity. Their promise of starting menthol production from Malaysia in July 2018 is being taken with a pinch of salt by the market. However, we at Ultra feel that naturals in formulations have a strong foothold, which is rather difficult to be replaced by synthetics.

The only respite on the horizon seems to be the imminent difference of menthol and mentha oil, which can ease menthol prices. Chances are bleak for weakness in DMO too. It is recommended to keep material covered for the short term without expecting much downfall now.

The total production of cornmint oil is pegged around 37,000 MT, around 25% higher compared to last year. However, there is practically no carryover from last year.

Market prices USD 31.00 /kilo
Davana Oil

Davana Oil Artemisia Pallens Harvest: February - April

2017 had witnessed a remarkable crop size, which produced a reported 7 MT of oil. The crop season for 2018 commenced in March and the harvest is over. The market is dominated by a wait-and-watch sentiment. However, since prices remain low, it is a good time to book orders. Clients are advised to review their annual needs so that the oil can be sourced well in advance.

Market prices USD 417.50 /kilo

Jasmine Grandiflorum

Jasmine Grandiflorum Jasminum grandiflorum Harvest: July - September

The approximate annual production of jasmine grandiflorum absolute and concrete is between 2.5 to 3 MT. the market has witnessed a marked fall in prices.

Market prices USD 2675.00 /kilo
Jasmine Sambac

Jasmine Sambac Jasminum sambac Harvest: March - October

The production of jasmine sambac absolute is around 2-2.5 MT. the production has been good. Prices have eased out and are slightly lower than the previous year’s.

Market prices USD 2875.00 /kilo
Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass Oil Cymbopogon citratus Harvest: July - November

The market for lemongrass oil has not been very encouraging. At the moment, only inferior quality material with low citral content is available.

Market prices USD 28.00 /kilo
Palmarosa Oil

Palmarosa Oil Cymbopogon martini Harvest: January - June

Palmarosa trading is witnessing an unsound market situation, the consequences of lack of rainfall in the southern parts of the country.

Market prices USD 58.00 /kilo
Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil Mentha piperita Harvest: April - July

The first cut distillation is almost over and almost 80-90% of the crop has been distilled. The yield poses a major problem since initial significant production came with lower menthofuran content. The yield declined to around 50% lower than the normal yield at 12-15 kg per acre. Despite the rest of the crop showing a reasonable amount of menthofuran levels at 3-4.5 %, yield was recorded at lower levels. the crop estimation has been revised downward from 600 MT to 500 MT. this has come as a setback for the much hoped easing of peppermint oil prices.

During late May, prices lowered significantly. Soon after, farmers started holding back material and stockiest began to hoard supplies. The cause can be traced back to last year when peppermint oil sold at very lucrative prices. As such, farmers are reluctant to sell their material at lower rates, and are holding back material in expectation of higher margins. Simultaneously, American mint dealers who had not bought significant material during the last two years have become active again. This has led to a surge in demand but limited availability in the market.

In the next few weeks if there is mounting pressure from Mentha arvensis, we can see some selling in the markets.

Market prices USD 41.00 /kilo
Spearmint Oil

Spearmint Oil Mentha spicata Harvest: July - August

The total production of spearmint is about 300 MT. After an initial downfall, farmers are holding stock in anticipation of better prices. The demand from the domestic market is robust; and this has kept a tight rein on prices. The yield is reportedly above average, and considerable amounts of material have been produced. Of late, there is rampant addition of synthetic l-carvone, which poses a considerable problem. Prices should remain at moderate levels.

Market prices USD 44.00 /kilo


Cajeput Oil

Cajeput Oil Melaleuca cajuputi Harvest: All Year

Demand, especially in the local markets, is unusually high for cajeput. Production is stable and prices are improving at a healthy rate. The reason behind this seems to be the limited supplies of eucalyptus oil. Cajeput typically consists of 45 to 60% of 1.8 cineol/eucalyptol. This is the main component being sought after in cajeput. A similar effect can be seen in the sudden rise of demand for sweet basil leaf oil, bay leaf oil, tea tree oil, etc.

Market prices USD 30.00 /kilo
Cananga Oil

Cananga Oil Cananga odorata Harvest: June - August

Production is limited, and so is demand. There is not much news from the field or market fronts.

Market prices USD 145.00 /kilo
Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil Cymbopogon winterianus Harvest: October - February

Prices continue to rise on the back of excessive demand. Oil from the new production areas should start feeding into the market at the beginning of August. Prices are expected to stabilise at that point with even a possible decrease. Hopes are pinned on significant growth in Sulawesi’s share of the pie in the coming months.

Market prices USD 29.00 /kilo
Clove Oil

Clove Oil Eugenia caryophyllata Harvest: May - September

Raw material supply continues to be a challenge with intermittent rains. The focus of plantations has shifted to harvesting of clove buds. This should last from July till the end of September. With Van Aroma’s own production in Sulawesi, we now offer a stable supply of clove oils and derivatives.

Market prices USD 23.00-32.00 /kilo
Ginger Oil Fresh

Ginger Oil Fresh Zingiber officinale Harvest: January - May

Prices are flaring upwards because of an increase in prices of fresh ginger. This product, like clove buds, is driven extensively by the local herbal drink industry. Preparations are underway at Van Aroma to launch ginger CO2 shortly.

Market prices USD 126.00 /kilo
Mace Oil

Mace Oil Myristica fragrans Harvest: March - April, October - November

The market for mace oil is considerably smaller than nutmeg; and as such can withstand short-term interruptions in supply. Van Aroma maintains a steady supply and available stocks. Most distillers process nutmeg and mace together instead of separating them, since not too many buyers look for just mace oil.

Market prices USD 86.00 /kilo
Massoia Bark Oil

Massoia Bark Oil Cryptocaria massoia Harvest: September - May

The market is robust with strong and steady demand and competitive prices. Some new players have entered the fray and are backed by sophisticated technologies. This has resulted in better product. It has definitely affected market dynamics, and 2018 promises to throw up interesting developments for massoia bark oil.

Market prices USD 620.00 /kilo
Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg Oil Myristica fragrans Houtt. Harvest: All Year

Demand as well as supply is stable at this time. No major upheavals are anticipated in the short term.

Market prices USD 65.00-75.00 /kilo
Patchouli Oil

Patchouli Oil Pogostemon cablin Harvest: All Year

Sulawesi: Patchouli production at source has been substantially lower due to a failed crop in many areas. Frequent attacks of the Budog disease have distressed plantations across Sulawesi. Affected plants are distilled but the yield is very low. There is uncertainty regarding the coming months. However, supplies are not expected to recover for the next two to three months, so a price escalation may be on the cards.

Market prices USD 38.00-43.00 /kilo

Sumatra: Supplies are minimal so prices persist in their upward trend. This is primarily because several farmers who were previously cultivating patchouli have shifted to other crops. Demand remains firm. There are not too many clients who are actively looking for sumatra Patchouli. Sulawesi continues to be the foremost producing area for patchouli.


Market prices USD 44.00-52.00 /kilo
Vetiver Oil

Vetiver Oil Vetiveria zizanioides Harvest: January - July

There is almost zero production at this time owing to it being the off-season. The next harvest will be around August. Vetiver production is largely dependent on a variety of factors like the Indonesian and Haitian productions and varying harvest seasons in the two main producing countries. This makes it difficult to predict prices. Van Aroma is gearing up to introduce vetiver CO2 extract very soon.

Market prices USD 440.00 /kilo


Bergamot Oil

Bergamot Oil Citrus bergamia Harvest: November - March

The citrus growing regions experienced arid weather and gusty winds that compromised almost all crops. Sizeable quantities of flowers were lost for their weakness; and between 20% to 40% of the crops were adversely affected, depending on the fruit variety or growing area.

Initially, bergamot was a fruit that was used solely for the purposes of processing into oil. However, the last few years have witnessed a rise in demand for fresh fruit, resulting in escalation of prices. This is the very reason that more quantities of fruit are being channelled into the fresh fruit market. The limited availability of fruit for processing has resulted in exorbitant rates for the oil. The outlook for this year looks grim. Soaring prices make it difficult to procure fruit for processing; but expect more clarity in the coming months.

Market prices Euro 280.00 /kilo
Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil Citrus limon (L.) Burm. F. Harvest: November - January, April - July

After Spain, Italy is the second largest EU producer of lemons. During the season, which finishes in July, harvesting proceeded at a slow pace. Fruit prices escalated, causing distress and financial stress for many processors. In fact, the market is apprehensive as another tentative price hike is on the cards and is likely to stay as such. The summer drought has been detrimental for all crops, and the industry has seen a decline in production. Even now, rainfall is scant; though the industry has taken measures to improve on the low volumes processed in the previous period.

Market prices Euro 36.00 /kilo
Orange Oil Blood

Orange Oil Blood Citrus sinensis Harvest: December - February

The crop is faring better this year compared to the last few years. Availability is adequate, and prices are competitive. The size of the blood orange is small in comparison; however, the quality of the juice and the oil is up to the mark. There has been an extended period of aridity and a drought-like situation during the summer. This has affected the pace of production; processing is relatively sluggish.

Market prices Euro 11.00 /kilo


Hinoki Oil

Hinoki Oil Chamaecyparis obtusa Harvest: All Year

In Japan, hinoki is not just a tree, it is an institution. Its distinct woody aroma, beneficial properties, and immense cultural significance make it attractive and revered by the Japanese and many Asian populations. Recently, hinoki oil enjoyed pride of place at the World Perfumery congress (WPC) in Nice. A prestigious convention of international industry experts, WPC also attracts the crème de la crème of perfumers. Hinoki oil was successfully showcased and, with the opening up of the world market, garnered an immensely encouraging response. Demand is on the upswing as it has already begun to be a coveted ingredient in perfumes.

Hinoki is a well-protected tree in Japan. However, it is important to find the right manufacturing conditions that enable sustainable management of plantations and essential oil production. Keeping this in mind, our partner is a respected and responsible distillery producing a variety of Japanese essential oils, including hinoki.

Market prices USD 410.00 /kilo (Branch and leaf)


Clove Leaf Oil

Clove Leaf Oil Eugenia caryophyllata Harvest: August - October

Production is now declining with farmers moving on to the rice and green vanilla crops. In addition, the advent of winter implies very little distillation during this season. International demand is still strong and local prices are firming up. Distillation will resume in September/October; however, the situation is not expected to change till then.

Market prices Euro 23.00 /kilo
Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil Cananga odorata Harvest: February - October

Production in the comores region remains chaotic. Though Madagascar production is steady, there is a shortage in the market. Like vanilla, this product is cyclic and prices are now at a peak. It is difficult to gauge whether conditions will reverse or stay at this level.

Market prices Euro 226.00 /kilo (Quality-Complete)


Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit Oil Citrus paradisi Harvest: December - April

Mexico boasts a substantial grapefruit crop production. The Florida crop is beset with difficulties, and this has proved to be a boon for Mexican growers. Mexico has gained considerable market share due to the faltering Florida sector.

The season for grapefruit in Mexico is from August till November. Industry experts peg the percentage of fruit destined for processing to be at 20%. This year’s crop scenario depicts a marginally reduced prediction; of the total 2017/2018 crop, about 87,000 MT. are expected to be processed.

Market prices USD 115.00-125.00 / kilo (white)
Key Lime Oil

Key Lime Oil Citrus aurantifolia Harvest: May - October

Key Limes are grown along the Pacific Coast of Mexico in the states of Colima and Michoacán. The fruit is perennial and cultivated throughout the year. However, the winter months of December through to February comprise the main season for key lime production in Michoacán. May marks the beginning of the season in Colima, which generally continues right up to September.

Key lime predictions from both Colima and Michoacán are encouraging. The crop is expected to outperform the previous season’s production.

The price of key limes has been firm and this led to an increase in planted areas. Projections show an improved 2017/2018 crop as compared to the last season. Around 30% of the Colima and Michoacán crops are earmarked for processing, there are adequate supplies for key lime oil distilled; but key lime oil Type A availability is somewhat constrained. The price for key lime oil distilled fluctuates from stable to weak due to excellent supply but only average demand.



Market prices USD 32.00 /kilo
Orange Oil

Orange Oil Citrus sinensis Harvest: August - September

The USDA estimates Mexican orange production to be marginally on the lower side as compared to the last crop.


Market prices USD 11.00 /kilo


Artemisia Taurica

Artemisia Taurica Artemisia taurica Harvest: July - September

In 2018, the new harvest commences in September. Due to its higher thujone content, the material is recognised as one of the best value oils in the market. Looking on the bright side, this oil is now available at more reasonable prices. In 2017, natural climate variations and hot weather destroyed plants and also affected their size. As a result, oil production level reached one third of an average year.

Market prices USD 80.00 /kilo
Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil Salvia sclarea L. Harvest: July - August

With the emerging global demand, the market remained active. Buyers’ positive preference for Russian quality ended 2017 with no material left at source. One source suggested that most of the fields are not in a good condition compared to earlier, which will negatively impact the current crop. The full impact will be understood in the near future. Clary sage oil production is expected to be lower than last year.

Market prices USD 155.00 /kilo
Coriander Herb Oil

Coriander Herb Oil Coriandrum sativum L. Harvest: May - June

Currently, fields are facing a water scarcity problem due to scant rainfall. As a result, the crop has been adversely impacted. The major growing region is affected by drought, and the market is apprehensive about a disappointing crop. Information received from a source reveals that the unattractive price charged for the herb has discouraged farmers, leading to a drastic reduction in cultivating fields.

Market prices USD 85.00 /kilo
Coriander Seed Oil

Coriander Seed Oil Corriandrum sativum L. Harvest: July - August

There is a serious water shortage problem in the major growing region. In order to protect the growing coriander crop, there is an urgent need to arrange irrigation facilities around the growing area. Otherwise, the one-year-old crop will be very weak. Very low prices for the seed and oil have negatively impacted the farming practices in the field. As a result, the growing region has shrunk drastically compared with past years. However, the prevailing wet weather conditions have stressed farmers, and many have decided to restrict planting until prices return to consistently higher levels.

Market prices USD 62.00 /kilo
Dill Weed Oil

Dill Weed Oil Anethum graveolens L. Harvest: July - September

Today’s market continues to remain in a tense situation due to insufficient rainfall. Unfortunately, low rains negatively impacted the harvesting of this material and led to a reduction in total production. With the prevailing dry situation, a sudden rainfall is needed by farmers to protect crops for next year’s harvesting.

Market prices USD 44.00 /kilo
Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Lavandula angustifolia Harvest: July - August

There have been better lavender fields in the past and the outlook seems to be bleak at present. Due to adverse weather conditions and insufficient rainfall, crop production is anticipated to decline. In view of current conditions, the crop is expected to be significantly below expectations. However, there was heavy rainfall in the week prior to writing this report, so it is a wait and watch approach to gauge the market in the future.

Market prices USD 130.00 /kilo


Basil Oil Linalool

Basil Oil Linalool Ocimum basilicum L Harvest: August - September

The season for basil starts in August. The supply from last year is spent, so at the beginning of 2018, there was nil carryover stock. There has been flooding in the Terai Plains, which has drastically impacted the yields. On the other hand, demand continues to grow and there is anticipation of stock constraints. Market forecasts suggest higher prices later in the year.

Market prices USD 95.00 /kilo
Blue Chamomile Oil

Blue Chamomile Oil Matricaria chamomilla (L.) Harvest: December - February

The harvest season begins in February and continues until March. In 2017, the chamomile oil production was above 100 kgs, despite the weather being erratic at times. Currently, though stocks are somewhat restricted, there are no ripples in the market, and demand is stable.

Market prices USD 810.00 /kilo

New Zealand

Lavender Fine Oil

Lavender Fine Oil Lavandula angustifolia Harvest: July - August

New Zealand is one of the newest origins in the world to produce lavender. In association with experienced local farmers, Golden Grove Naturals looks forward to produce approximately 1-2 MT of oil this season. Further, it aims to develop this region as an upcoming origin for high quality lavender oil.

Market prices NZD 150.00 /kilo
Manuka Oil

Manuka Oil Leptospermum scoparium Harvest: April - October

The market conditions are strong and active. In the aromatherapy sector, manuka oil is the star amongst all other varieties available. With the emergence of new applications and aromatherapy brands in the market, demand for the oil shows a significant increase. High demand and short supply has lifted the price for oil. Currently, New Zealand manuka oil has high levels of beta-triketones; thus holding a dominant position in the market.

Market prices AUD 850.00 /kilo


Cabreuva Oil

Cabreuva Oil Myrocarpus frondosus Harvest: All Year

2017 witnessed a serious problem with overall supplies. The good news is currently product is available in sufficient quantities. Also the price continues to remain stable.

Market prices USD 52.00 /kilo
Guaiacwood Oil

Guaiacwood Oil Bulnesia Sarmientoi Harvest: All Year

There is an adequate availability of stocks. Since June 2018, the price has begun to increase. As mentioned in the previous report, the new CITES regulations have imposed additional costs on exporting this oil, including a substantial rise in certification costs, and pre-shipment loading inspection charges.    

Market prices USD 34.00 /kilo
Petitgrain Oil

Petitgrain Oil Citrus aurantium ssp. Harvest: All Year

The harvest for the main crop will begin in October. Production is at a declining stage, which is normal at this time of the year, until the main crop resumes in October. Due to supply problems during the off- season, there will be no carryover of stocks.

Market prices USD 74.00 /kilo
Vetiver Oil

Vetiver Oil Vetiveria zizanioides Harvest: February - May

Currently sufficient raw material is available. Production capacity remains high with no quota restriction. Production continues to grow with a rising and strong demand.

Market prices USD 465.00 / kilo


Fir Needle Oil

Fir Needle Oil Abies sibirica Ledeb. Harvest: April - September

The new crop was harvested in April and May this year. Last year witnessed the slow movement of supplies with the lingering of the Siberian winter. During summer, the production figures increased and ensured the availability of reasonable material. Currently, there is an adequate availability of stock. Despite this, demand is lower than for the past two years, but major producers anticipate higher prices from this year’s yield.

Market prices USD 37.00 /kilo
Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry Juniperus communis Harvest: September - October

Currently, price and availability of crop remain steady as supported by steady demand. 2017 saw an overall increase in juniper berry oil production, although demand is expected to decline in the near future.

Market prices USD 183.00 /kilo

South Africa

Eucalyptus Oil Citriodora

Eucalyptus Oil Citriodora Eucalyptus citriodora Harvest: June - October

The crop season starts in June and continues until October. Farmers have taken steps to manage their harvests better and embrace sustainable planting. Last year, the fruits of these efforts were evident in a good crop. Current estimates point towards a healthy production. However, most of this has already been committed for buyers with prior bookings. The picture will be clearer when the new crop is expected. Of late, South Africa has upped its ante in the eucalyptus market and looks like giving china a good run for its money in the international arena.

Market prices NA
Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit Oil Citrus paradisi Harvest: December - April

Grapefruit production for the 2017/2018 crop is set to go up by 5% compared to last season. The total fresh fruit production was 370,000 MT. Out of this approximately 127,000 MT are expected to go to the industry for processing. With Florida grapefruit production looking severely distressed, South Africa is emerging as a promising origin for this product in future.

Market prices USD 109.00 / kilo (white)

Market prices USD 97.00 / kilo (Pink)

Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil Citrus limon (L.) Burm. F. Harvest: July - September

Recent USDA figures for the 2017/2018 lemon crop estimates an upsurge of 7% to 460,000 MT compared to last year’s crop, which was at 430,305 MT. Driven by a robust demand and healthy export prices, south Africa has increased the total area of lemon plantations from 4,667 hectares in the 2010/11 marketing year to an estimated 12,100 hectares in the 2017/2018 marketing year. The weather, too, has been promising in the major growing regions. Put together, these have had a major role to play in the higher crop size. Consequently, lemons for processing and exports of fresh fruits are anticipated to be slightly higher than the last crop.

Market prices USD 30.00 /kilo
Orange Oil CP

Orange Oil CP Citrus sinensis Harvest: June - September

The USDA estimates that south African orange production is expected to increase by 8% compared to the last crop. The orange trees were impacted by the harsh drought of 2016. However, the trees have shown signs of recovery and slowly bearing fruit. The subsequent rainfall in 2017 has helped, but oil yield was lower by 35%. Orange production for the 2017/2018 crop is projected to chart an upward course compared to the last round, and an estimated 13% of the crop will go to the processing industry. The EU and Russia are the strongest markets for South African oranges.

Market prices USD 10.00 /kilo
Tagette Oil

Tagette Oil Tagetes erecta Harvest: June - August

Last year was a good season for tagetes oil. The new season has commenced and production is underway. If weather conditions are anything to go by, sufficient rainfall and cool weather will ensure that 2018 follows in last year’s footsteps. The market is well adjusted with the prices finely balancing the stock situation. More clarity is expected in coming months.

Market prices USD 196.00 /kilo
Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil Melaleuca alternifolia Harvest: October - January

The south African tea tree oil cycle begins in April and continues until October. It is only by the end of February that fresh estimates are available. Tea tree oil distillation is underway, but quantities are currently restricted. Demand for the organic variety of tea tree oil is particularly high, and the 2017 crop was exhausted within a very short span of time. Market predictions forecast that there will be no dent in demand in 2018.

Market prices USD 48.00 /kilo


Lavandin Hybrida

Lavandin Hybrida Lavandula hybrida Harvest: July - August

The harvest season for lavandin hybrida species starts from July and lasts till August. The production yield is estimated at 80 to 120 kg/hectare. It is hoped that the harvesting of the varieties of lavandin grosso and lavandin super are completed by August 2018. The weather has not been conducive this winter. As a result, there is some trepidation that production may not be up to the mark. Prices are predicted to be on the higher side during September.

Market prices NA
Lavender Oil Spike

Lavender Oil Spike Lavendula latifolia Harvest: August - September

Often found in the temperate climes of the Mediterranean, spike lavender is found growing profusely at an altitude of 1440 metres. It is harvested in August, and this year the production yield is said to be 50 kgs/ hectare.

Market prices Euro 60.00 /kilo
Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil Citrus limon (L.) Burm. F. Harvest: November - July

Initial forecast for the lemon harvest from the Inter-professional Association of Lemon and Grapefruit (AILIMPO) for the next campaign 2018/2019 is estimated at a production of 1.3 million MT. This is significantly higher by 29%, although uneven in the two Spanish varieties, Fino and Verna. Considering this, Spain retains its position as the foremost supplier of fresh lemons in the European market and the second processing country worldwide.

The Fino lemon harvest commences in September. Healthy flowering conditions leading to more fruit per tree have lifted hopes for an expected increase of 14%. Also, production is expected to go up since new plantations over recent years have now come into production. A production figure of 920,000 MT is forecast. However, this is reliant on the amount of rainfall in the summer and autumn months.


The preliminary forecast for the Verna variety expects a harvest of 380,000 MT. This is a striking increase of 90% in comparison with last year’s production figure of 38% compared to the average harvest for the past two seasons (+9% if compared with 2016/2017 season).

Market prices Euro 32.00 /kilo
Marjoram Oil

Marjoram Oil Origanum majorana Harvest: July - August

Flourishing in the loam and silt soils of the country, marjoram is harvested in July-August. Production yield is estimated to be at 80 kgs/ hectare.

Market prices Euro 105.00 /kilo
Orange Oil Valencia

Orange Oil Valencia Citrus sinensis Harvest: All Year

Valenica, Andalusia, and Murcia are Spain’s leading orange producing regions. They account for most of the varieties grown in Spain, namely Naveline, Navel, Navelate, Salustiane, Valencia, and Sanguinello. The last five years have witnessed shrinkage of the Spanish orange industry. Poor margins have driven several Valencian farmers to shift to cultivation of other profitable plants. The Spanish fruit abounds in aldehyde, rich aroma, and colour. Copious rainfall too has affected availability of fresh fruit. At present, available supplies of oil are low, and prices are anticipated to remain constant.

Market prices Euro 11.00 /kilo
Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil Rosmarinus officinalis Harvest: February - June

The harvest season for rosemary is from July to August. Wild harvested and cultivated, the plant thrives in the clay and calcareous soils of southern Spain. Sources peg production yields at 35 kgs/ hectare. Weather conditions have been regular, and the market stable.

Market prices Euro 72.00 /kilo
Sage Oil

Sage Oil Salvia officinalis Harvest: May - October

A small, woody perennial plant, the Spanish sage is harvested in the month of September. It requires average rainfall and is found in the calcareous, stony terrain of the hills. The production yield is estimated to be at 40 kgs/ hectare.

Market prices Euro 78.00 /kilo
Thyme Oil Red

Thyme Oil Red Thymus vulgaris Harvest: June - August

A mild climate and moderate humidity is ideal for thyme. Found mainly at an altitude of 255 metres, thyme is harvested from July to August. The production yield is predicted to be at 90 kg/hectare.

Market prices Euro 141.00 /kilo

Sri Lanka

Cinnamon Bark Oil

Cinnamon Bark Oil Cinnamomum zeylanicum Harvest: May - December

The peak harvest season for cinnamon commences in May and continues till November. During May raw material availability was limited due to flooding but now, given the prevailing conducive weather, raw material supplies are freely available in the market. Prices remain constant. In early June, members of the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka and the EU trade commission conducted extensive meetings with local producers. The objective was to finalise Geographical Indication (GI) status for Ceylon cinnamon. This comes as a positive development, which will put cinnamon and its allied products under the spotlight.

Market prices USD 303.00 /kilo

Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Cinnamon Leaf Oil Cinnamomum zeylanicum Harvest: March - August

Similar to bark oil, there is a profusion of raw materials. This has contributed to stabilising the obtainability as well as the prices of cinnamon leaf oil. The oil was trading at inflated prices in the previous quarter locally, but since then has declined. Given the ample availability of leaves, small distillers are operating in full swing to produce cinnamon leaf oil.

Market prices USD 21.00 /kilo
Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil Cymbopogon nardus Harvest: May - December

An abundance of rainfall and flooding in some areas has disturbed the supply of grasses for favourable citronella oil distillation. However, given the lower prices of Javanese citronella oil, demand for the Sri Lankan variety has remained low in recent years. In light of increased availability of raw materials and lower prices of citronella in the international markets, the local prices for citronella oil are unruffled and are not likely to vary significantly.

Market prices USD 35.00 /kilo
Clove Bud Oil

Clove Bud Oil Eugenia caryophyllata Harvest: January - February

No crop is available till the end of the year. Restrained availability of raw material is exerting upward pressure on the oil prices. However, given the enhanced supply of clove bud oil from Indonesia, prices are likely to maintain their current trading levels.

Market prices NA
Clove Stem Oil

Clove Stem Oil Eugenia caryophyllata Harvest: January - February

There are problems in the availability of raw materials; and farmers are stockpiling clove stems. Consequently, prices are predicted to either remain at current levels or escalate further.

Market prices NA
Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg Oil Myristica fragrans Houtt. Harvest: February - May

Though the main harvesting season for nutmeg begins later this year, at present there is a smaller crop available for distilling from some parts of the country. The heavy rains have sustained hopes for a healthier year-end harvest. Favourable weather conditions in Indonesia have resulted in the curbing of nutmeg oil prices in international markets as well. Market prices are expected to stay firm given improvements with raw material availability in addition to increased supply from Indonesia.

Market prices USD 61.00 /kilo


Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil Rosmarinus officinalis Harvest: All Year

The new season commenced during March and ended in early August. Lower levels of remaining stock created new challenges in the last few years. Sources assure that supplies are improving and moving towards a healthier situation, allowing supply to catch up with the on-going demand. Hopefully, as new supplies enter the market a price drop may be seen in the near future.

Market prices Euro 58.00 /kilo


Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit Oil Citrus paradisi Harvest: December - April

Global grapefruit production witnessed an increase of about 1%. This was due to the fact that the China crop increased, which more than offset the decreased production seen in the USA. In spite of a marked increase in the production of fresh fruit, grapefruit for processing decreased significantly. This is because China does not process the fruits. During the 2016/2017 season, 575,000 MT were processed. But in 2017/2018 it is estimated that about 513,000 MT are available for processing.

The USDA pegs the Florida grapefruit production for 2017/2018 at 3.88 million boxes. White grapefruit was estimated at 700,000 boxes and red grapefruit stood at 3.18 million boxes. The Florida citrus commission predicts the 2018/2019 grapefruit crop to be at 5 million boxes on the consideration that weather conditions will be conducive.

In conclusion, there was a substantial decrease in crop size for 2017/2018, caused by citrus greening. This is the most pressing problem for growers in Florida. Hurricane Irma added to the woes of farmers and adversely affected crop production since several groves were damaged and many fruits were dropped. The current supply situation is very tight.

Market prices USD 125.00 /kilo (white)

Market prices USD 115.00 /kilo (Pink)


Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil Citrus limon (L.) Burm. F. Harvest: May - July

The USDA forecast for the 2017-2018 United states lemon crop is at 791,000 MT. this is a decrease of around 2% from last season’s crop, due to a fall in production in Arizona. California has stepped up on citrus farming, and is gradually overtaking Florida. Most of America’s fresh lemon for consumption is supplied from California. Californian production has always focused on addressing the fresh fruit market; thereby leaving less fruit being available for processing.

Market prices USD 43.00 /kilo
Orange Oil

Orange Oil Citrus sinensis Harvest: February - May

The 2017/2018 season for Florida citruses ended in July, and it was an extremely difficult one. The USDA puts the final estimate for orange crop at 45 million boxes, a massive 32 % plunge from last season’s final production. This is in sharp contrast to the peak of 244 million boxes in 1998. The total includes 19 million boxes of non-Valencia oranges (early, midseason, navel, and temple varieties) and 26.0 million boxes of Valencia.

The Florida citrus commission reported that the 2018/2019 orange crop, due to commence in the fall season, is predicted to be at 60 million boxes.

The Florida industry is reeling under the crisis of the 2017/2018 crops, a record low in more than 75 years. Florida witnessed a severe attack of citrus greening that destroyed a large percentage of orange trees. The market was slowly limping back to recovery with an expected improvement in crop of about 75 million boxes, which would have been the first upward trend in several years. However, Hurricane Irma struck on September 10, 2017, and once again Florida witnessed a harsh setback.

Over the last ten to twelve years, crop sizes have decreased considerably due to citrus greening. This fatal bacterial affliction affects the vascular systems of citrus trees and thus hinders nutrient uptake. Though the tree yields fruit, the fruit size and quality are impacted and the cost of production shoots up. Since the discovery of greening in the fall of 2005, the Florida orange crop has shrunk by over 70% from 242 million boxes in the 2003-04 season. The state ranks first as USA’s primary orange-producing state and the third largest in the world after Brazil and China. According to studies conducted by USDA/NASS, approximately 95% of all oranges grown in Florida are processed for juice.


Market prices USD 11.00 /kilo


Basil Oil

Basil Oil Ocimum basilicum L. Harvest: November - February

In 2017, unprecedented tropical cyclones particularly ‘severe tropical storm Talas’ caused severe damage to the crops. Naturally, this resulted in limited stocks in the market, and saw prices firming up by 30-40% in recent months. A further price hike is predicted for 2018. Normally, production level reaches 25-30 MT; but final figures may reveal a probable reduction of 50%.

Market prices USD 58.00 /kilo
Cassia Oil

Cassia Oil Cinnamomum cassia Harvest: July - December

The main harvest period for cassia oil is from April to June. The Yen Bai, Lao Vai and Quang Nam regions contribute almost 700 MT of cassia oil. The first harvest yields a higher cinnamic aldehyde content of around 85-90%. The second harvest period resumes from September to November. It yields cinnamic aldehyde levels of 75-83%. At present, stocks are sufficient to meet existing demand.

Market prices USD 41.00 /kilo