Spreading Wings around World October 7, 2021

Ultra’s new strategic partners

French Connection: Jean-Michel Molin

In France, The Ultra Group is collaborating with Mr Jean-Michel Molin. He is our new marketing consultant for sales and purchases. With a well-established background in the field and geographical proximity, Mr Molin will strengthen our French products sourcing. He is located in the Grasse region, not far from the lavandin, lavender, and clary sage farming areas. He also has strong business ties in Morocco. Mr Jean-Michel Molin will primarily be responsible for the regions of France, South Korea, Hong Kong and China.

Mr Molin has worked with major firms during the span of his career and was also the owner of Nice Aromatics. He spent 20 years in Agronomy and Management of Agriculture projects before embracing the world of essential oils. A passionate agriculturist, Mr Molin started his career in Africa, where he spent most of his time growing seeds. During his stint in Costa Rica and China, he was introduced to essential oils as a by-product of frozen concentrate orange juice. This is where his passion for the world of pure and natural essential oils, absolutes and resinoids was born. He is particularly fond of the Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese markets.