Van Aroma New Product Updates June 30, 2016

AdvertP&FApr16_VanaromaFollowing Van Aroma’s recent expansion, we are now pleased to be offering a selection of new naturals and derivatives from their growing portfolio.

Benzoin Crystals
Our benzoin is the gum is solvent extracted from the Sumatra Benzoin tree and is in a truly 100% pure state. After the resin dries it forms a hard crystal like texture which can be ground for multiple uses including in fragrances, incense and tinctures. Most examples on the market are not 100% pure crystals and typically range from 70-95%, making the Van Aroma quality superior in every way.

Benzoin Resinoid Sumatra
Benzoin is the gum resin which exudes from the bark after tapping. This wonderful new resinoid now comes as a pourable 50/50 blend using natural benzyl benzoate, propylene glycol or dipropylene glycol. It has warm, sweet, vanilla tones.

Natural Citronellal | Citronellol | Geraniol | Citronella Terpenes
All derived from our wonderful Citronella Oil Java, these new isolates will offer formulators a variety of options with their natural compounding. Representing good value for money as well as having their own unique notes we are sure these isolates will be very popular with our clients.

Ginger Oil Fresh
Grown in South Sumatra and Java, this oil is produced by steam distillation from the underground roots called the rhizome. Click the product name for full details of this new essential oil.

Iso Eugenol ex Clove
Iso Eugenol is used as a sweet, spicy, clove-like character in fragrances as well as in oral care products. It’s use in the perfumery markets are still strong despite IFRA controls regulating its use. It is understood the market to be in the region of 100,000 kilo.

Methyl Eugenol & Methyl Iso Eugenol ex Clove
Two ingredients that serve the fragrance markets well. Methyl Eugenol with its warm, sweet, fresh herbal spicy notes and Methyl Iso Eugenol with its spicy, earthy and basil notes are a great addition to any perfumers palette. Both perform very well in liquid and tablet soaps, hair care products and alcoholic perfumes. 

Mace Oil
This is a special oil for any spice lovers! Although from the same fruit, Mace is more delicate than nutmeg with sweet undertones, reminiscent of the freshly grated spice. Click the product name to find out more, including all the latest market information.

We will keep bringing you updates from Indonesia as our product range continues to expand. Keep an eye on our regular Market Reports to ensure you always have all the latest information from that region!