Van Aroma Expansion January 26, 2016

10 Years Young And No Longer Just A Collector

Celebrating 10 years since incorporation, we are delighted to share with you our recent investments as our Jakarta facilities undergo a multi-million dollar expansion.

Facility overview

Our fractional distillation setup allows us to distill up to 500 MTs per annum and our molecular distillation capacity is now around 250 MTs per annum.

Additionally, the new re-working column (fine-fractionation) will increase our capacity by approximately 200 kilos per day. This will facilitate more effective production of quality products for our clients such as safrole free nutmeg.  

Perhaps, of most significance following this expansion are the benefits of our new flash distillation and reaction columns.

The introduction of new manufacturing procedures to take advantage of this flash distillation will help us reduce times taken on other processes currently performed in our fractional distillation units. This will help increase the time available for oil processing in these units which will in turn increase our capacity.

Our new reaction column takes our business into new and exciting directions as we can now extend our portfolio of derivatives produced from natural essential oils. The first in line for launch is isoeugenol from clove. This will be followed later by the introduction of methyl-eugenol, eugenyl acetate, methyl iso-eugenol etc. The solvent extraction facility will facilitate the production of benzoin resinoid.

In addition to new aroma chemicals, we have several natural product expansions including the introduction of mace oil, fresh ginger oil, and natural citronellal (ex citronella) amongst our newer products. We will share more new products with you in the coming weeks and months through our Ultra’s newsletters and our website

Future Outlook

We are proud to have exported in excess of 700 MTs of patchouli oil in 2015, which is well over the 300 MTs we exported in 2014. With this growth in volume and new responsibility, we are embarking on a number of sustainability initiatives to ensure that we all enjoy a healthy future in patchouli, and so that patchouli remains a product perfumers can be confident to utilise. We are continuing to ensure that the volatile pricing models of the past remain in the past!

Beyond patchouli, and the new aroma chemicals in our product line, we are actively investing in areas such as new equipment (with greater controls and automation) as well as a more stable raw material supply chain.

We may be only 10 years young, but we’re sure you’ll agree that we have come a long way so far and we have you, our customers to thank for it. So thank you for the continued support and we look forward to sharing more about our progress in the near future.