Van Aroma New Isolates November 24, 2017

Following Van Aroma’s 2016 expansion, we are now pleased to be offering a selection of new naturals and derivatives from their growing portfolio.


Natural Citronellal | Citronellol | Geraniol | Rhodinol | Geranyl Acetate
All derived from our wonderful Citronella Oil Java, these new isolates will offer formulators a variety of options with their natural compounding. Representing good value for money as well as having their own unique notes we are sure these isolates will be very popular with our clients.


Eugenyl Acetate & Iso Eugenyl Acetate
Eugenyl acetate follows the Iso Eugenol pattern when it comes to its odour profile which is more sweet than spicy, often characterised as fresh, carnation and malty. Its has a long lasting tenacity  on dry out and can be used as a single ingredient or as a booster to other clove notes with the main benefit in today’s market being that it currently has no IFRA restrictions. It’s recommended to be used at up to 5% in fragrance formulations.

Iso Eugenol 
Iso Eugenol is used as a sweet, spicy, clove-like character in fragrances as well as in oral care products. It’s use in the perfumery markets are still strong despite IFRA controls regulating its use. It is understood the market to be in the region of 100,000 kilo. Van Aroma can offer trans 88-95% qualities.

Methyl Eugenol & Methyl Iso Eugenol 
Two ingredients that serve the fragrance markets well. Methyl Eugenol with its warm, sweet, fresh herbal spicy notes and Methyl Iso Eugenol with its spicy, earthy and basil notes are a great addition to any perfumers palette. Both perform very well in liquid and tablet soaps, hair care products and alcoholic perfumes. 


Vetiveryl Acetate

This derivative takes all the best features from the essential oil in terms of odour, longevity and usability.
The odour is smoother, more velvet than the single oil combining a woody, sandal, earthy aroma with a sweet, fresh note. It’s tenacious with a real impact, just like Vetiver Java but that velvety notes helps blend itself with other ingredients in your fragrance.
The product is stable and performs particularly well in alcoholic perfumes, soaps (tablet and liquid), shampoo & conditioners, liquid detergents, fabric softeners and candles.

We will keep bringing you updates from Indonesia as our product range continues to expand. Keep an eye on our regular Market Reports to ensure you always have all the latest information from that region!

You can download a copy of Van Aroma’s current product list here