Ultra International Announces Partnership with Ecospice Ingredients Pvt. Ltd February 21, 2024

Ultra International and Ecospice Ingredients PVT. LTD have joined forces to create an exciting partnership and a new portfolio of products. Ultra’s expertise in sourcing organic raw materials and essential oils and its focus on sustainability, combined with Ecospice’s dedication to eco-friendly practices, means this collaboration will provide a sustainable solution to customers.

“Ecospice has worked for many years with a deep-rooted connection with local farmers in a similar way to Ultra. We are proud to have them within our Ultra family,” said Gaëtan Bourdeau, Chief Procurement Officer at Ultra International.

Ecospice Ingredients has a farming background of 40 years and since 2020, the company has taken steps to innovate in R&D producing top quality essential oils, oleoresins, and extracts from the Idukki region of Kerala. Both Ultra and Ecospice have invested in sustainability projects internationally and particularly in India, including conscientious cultivation and giving back to the local community.

“Ecospice Ingredients is thrilled to join forces with Ultra to elevate Indian spice extracts onto the global stage. This partnership signifies a remarkable opportunity to showcase the richness and diversity of Indian spices to a worldwide audience, driving sustainable growth and innovation,” said Sunin Sunny, Chief Executive Officer at Ecospice Ingredients.

Both Ultra and Ecospice have environmentally sound approaches to sourcing and production, and the Ecospice brings extensive knowledge and experience to the partnership. Both companies are also committed to prioritising sustainability whilst upholding the highest standards of quality in their products and processes.

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This collaboration means that together, the two companies can help create positive change in the F&F industry by promoting the use of renewable resources, reducing carbon 

footprint, and minimizing waste throughout the supply chain. By harnessing their combined strengths and resources, the partnership will help lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

As consumer demand for eco-conscious products continues to grow, this partnership not only showcases a shared dedication to sustainability but also positions both companies as frontrunners in fostering innovation and environmental stewardship within the F&F industry.