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Cananga OilIndonesiaCananga odorata

Cananga Oil
Cananga oil is derived from the flowers of the cananga tree, which is native to parts of Asia, including Indonesia. It’s a member of the Custard Apple family, Annonaceae. Generally, most of the members of this plant family grow up to an average height of 12 metres. The flower is drooping, long-stalked, with six narrow, greenish-yellow petals and yields the highly fragrant essential ...

Massoia Bark OilIndonesiaCryptocaria massoia

Massoia Bark Oil
Massoia bark is graded by its C10 lactone content and is available in grades of 50%, 65%, 90% and 95%. Produced from the bark of the massoia tree, the lactone is used as food flavouring and as an additive in the dairy industry. The tree is native to Indonesia, gown at altitudes between 400m-1000m above sea-level. The oil is produced by steam distillation after the chopping then pre-grinding ...

Cajeput OilIndonesiaMelaleuca cajuputi

Cajeput Oil
Indonesia is one of the largest producers of cajeput oil and is also the largest consumers. Produced by steam distillation from the leaves of the Myrtaceous tree, it also goes by the botanical name Melaleuca leucadendra. It can be found close to shorelines on the island of Pulau Buru in Maluku and in some parts of Central Java. Primarily used in massage oils, it is also used for its remedial ...