Patchouli Haz Class October 24, 2016

There has been some recent confusion over the transportation classification of patchouli essential oil with many clients challenging our shipping documents.

Internet searches will bring up many archived SDS’s all of which seem to state that Patchouli is non-hazardous, however according to its Classification under Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, Patchouli is a CLASS 9 Marine Pollutant (H411) and may be fatal if swallowed and enters airways (H304). If you’re following GHS you will already be aware of this but many aren’t.

Somewhat worryingly a number of Indonesian producers are ignoring this classification and continuing to ship patchouli as non-hazardous. As the World’s largest shipper of patchouli, PT Van Aroma are committed to ensuring we meet all the regulations when it comes to shipping and material safety so we will only ship goods as per the correct classification. Please ensure your product records are correct and compliant. 

Click here to see a current and correct SDS.