Life is known to throw curveballs, and it can be exhausting to deflect them all the time. But what if you had a companion who could help keep energy levels up to tackle the battles ahead?

Essential oils aren’t only about great smell. They can help you relax, lift the mood, and instantly energise when needed. Several essential oils like lemon and lavender are extremely popular for mood boosting. According to experts, constant stress can lead to fatigue and citrus oils are the perfect antidote to relieve such stress. It is also understood that mood-boosting scents can be very personal. A certain smell can be associated with happy memories for one person, while, for another, it may not bring out similar emotions.

Proper sleep is another crucial element for feeling energised all day long. Weaving essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and valerian root in your night time routine can do the job. While lavender calms the nervous system, chamomile relieves anxiety.

The world of energy-boosting essential oils is quite extensive, and there are several hidden gems that can perk up your day.


With a sweet, floral scent comes the aromatic essential oil basil. It is a treasure trove of vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. Basil is great to alleviate the mood and is known to combat the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is a stimulating product that provides a burst of energy. It helps focus the mind by clearing mental fatigue. Basil is great for those long work-days. When the energy suddenly falls, a few drops of basil oil can get that sleep out of the eyes.


The double dose of peppermint and spearmint is just what you need to awaken all your senses. These fresh scents go right to the brain and energise every cell in the body. It’s like recharging the battery and getting ready for a long trip. The two scents cover different spectrums. Peppermint is on the stronger side and is advisable for aiding fatigue. Spearmint, on the other hand, is softer and is a perfect fit for children’s rooms. In fact, spearmint is also known to help with mental and muscular stress.


Natural to the core with the scents of the forest and soil, pine oil is nature’s purest gift. A few drops of the oil are enough to teleport you to the middle of nature’s heavenly trails. You can instantly feel energised with smells of trees to guide your path. Pine oil is considered an excellent source of boosting metabolism. Additionally, it also works as a stress reliever, mood enhancer, and improves vitality. Pine oil also possesses healing properties. So, it can rejuvenate your senses, and uplift your skin at the same time. The oil is a popular component in natural skin care products.


Tension and anxiety can drain energy levels in no time. Eucalyptus is pretty handy in stimulating the body and mind, and reducing stress levels. Its soothing appeal, makes it an inspired selection in aromatherapy. Eucalyptus is bold with a strong fragrance. It has its set of medicinal benefits as well. Due to its respiratory properties, it is used in numerous cough and cold remedies.


Presenting a refreshing aroma that carries a plethora of health benefits. Several experts believe orange oil possesses antiseptic, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory qualities. Orange works on its own and is a great companion too. Just add a few drops to peppermint oil and enjoy a refreshing concoction.


From the citrus family comes another energy booster. Bergamot oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit. Bergamot is a cross between an orange and a lemon. It is appreciated for its distinct taste and aroma. Earl Grey tea gets its unique flavour from the infusion of bergamot. The light citrus fragrance of bergamot makes it a popular choice in aromatherapy. It alleviates stress and brightens the mood.


An intriguing mix of sweet and bitter notes, grapefruit possess a naturally rich and refreshing scent. The oil is cold pressed and extracted from the rind of the fruit. A few drops of the oil are believed to uplift the mood and recharge the body. The fruit itself is a superfood with a variety of health benefits. Constant lethargy can come from adrenal fatigue. In fact, it stimulates the nervous system so you can focus and increase your concentration levels. The oil also helps improve blood circulation, which instantly energises the body.


Like the refreshing fruit it is extracted from, tangerine oil with its sweet aroma replenishes energy in no time. The oil boosts metabolism by aiding the process of digestion as nutrients are absorbed by the body. Tangerine is also great for detoxification. As the body is purified, the immune system strengthens, and mental clarity improves. At the same time, like its citrus buddies, tangerine can work wonders for the upliftment of the mood.


 A bit spicy, but if you thought lemongrass could only add zing to food, you are mistaken. Lemongrass oil has a unique fragrance that leaves a lasting effect. Its earthy scent quickly uplifts the mood, clears the mind, and provides the balance one needs to feel reinvigorated.


While all these oils can work wonders for your energy levels, the question arises, how best to use them? Since essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, their usage needs to be moderated though there are several ways in which essential oils can be used safely. If you are in a hurry, the best way is inhalation. Use a diffuser, just take a whiff and feel the difference. If you’re willing to wait though, get the applicable versions and try using a few drops on your wrist or neck or as instructed. Incorporate these essential oils in your daily routine and see long-lasting positive effects.