Sustainable Commitment September 17, 2020

Over the past few decades the Ultra International Group of companies has been relentless in its commitment towards adopting sustainable business practices across the globe. Acknowledging our work, EcoVadis, one of the most reputed universal sustainability ratings providers has given us our first rating. Joining this club, with a bronze certification, is the first step, but also a huge recognition of our efforts in the right direction.

Our efforts on various parameters like environment, labour, human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement were evaluated by EcoVadis. The extensive process delved into aspects like energy and water consumption, and pollution levels of our environmental activity. Employee health, safety and working conditions were scrutinised for labour and human rights. Ethical business practices and supplier chains were assessed to ensure our partner associations follow strict guidelines when it comes to sustainable practices.

Simultaneously, the approval rating helps us forge stronger relationships with our customer base. It is a one-step symbol of our best business practices. Building strong bonds with our partners forms the core of our business, and they expect the best quality. The bronze rating by EcoVadis is a sign of trust. It brings universal acknowledgement of our efforts. We at Ultra Group consider it the first step in our commitment towards the cause. As we consciously align our economic, social, and environmental blueprints towards a sustainable path, we continue our quest to achieve higher standards.