Shimadzu & Toshvin – 45 Years in India October 28, 2015

Today an event was held to celebrate a 45 year Indo-Japanese collaboration between the companies TOSHVIN and SHIMADZU. The guest speaker was our Chairman, Mr Sant Sanganeria. His presentation maybe read below.

Toshvin Analytical Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading analytical and laboratory instrumentation companies in India. Since 1948, Toshvin has been at the forefront of bringing the latest, most sophisticated range of instruments, accessories and consumables to India from leading manufacturers around the world. Today, they are known not only for their world class range of products but also for their commitment to excellence in customer service and customer support in India.

Shimadzu Corporation, Japan’s leading, and one of the world’s foremost instrumentation companies cheap antabuse 500 mg. Established in 1875 in Kyoto, Japan, Shimadzu has a turnover of over $3 billion and a presence across the globe.

It is a pleasure to be here tonight to celebrate 45 years of partnership of Shimadzu & Toshvin. And it is an honour to be a part of the celebration of a historical Indo-Japanese collaboration.

India and Japan has many global positions of strength. We must couple this with our core competences & global challenges and find innovative and intelligent solutions. This is not unlike the approach of Shimadzu & Toshvin. I know that both focus on truly innovative approaches, taking unconventional paths to offer Analytical solutions to combat the challenges faced by the industry.

The Analytical needs related to trade and industry is often overlooked because of substantial cost. Recently Prime Minister Modi’s Government launched its “Make in India” campaign and is pursuing many liberal policies to promote economic growth. I wish and hope the new incentives will encourage Shimadzu to begin manufacturing in India.

India & Japan are established nations, regionally rooted but with a modern and international outlook. Utilizing the opportunities presented by globalization, we cooperate with global research environments. And we look beyond our borders to find inspiration and new ideas. The world is challenged. It’s challenged by climate change, lack of clean water, energy crisis, hunger, epidemics and explosive demographic changes. Many of the answers to these challenges are provided by Research and Innovation. This is why the Indian government wants to increase the innovation capacity in India.


Collaboration Breeds Knowledge

Investing in Research and Innovation is a crucial pre-requisite for providing for India’s future. It helps build a foundation for future jobs and welfare. We appreciate that Indian companies cooperate with strong partners, thereby creating solutions to a great challenges as well as growth in industry and workplaces. Japan excels in Research and is a powerhouse when it comes to innovation. And I know that Indian companies have very good experiences working together with Japanese companies. I do not know exactly why. But it seems like our culture and working methods are a good match.


Technological Change

The New GCMS-TQ8040

Over the past 4 decades, the Chemical Sciences have undergone a sea change in Analytical Techniques. This in turn has had a dramatic impact on the Pharmaceutical, Fragrance & Flavour Industry and on the equipments we use. From classical techniques of degradation and synthesis, we have moved to new sophisticated instrumental methods based on chromatography and spectroscopy. Nowadays, a very wide selection of Instrumentation and Analytical methods are available. And this is where we have been able to benefit from the world-class equipments and Back-up Service provided by Toshvin and Shimadzu. For example, in the F&F sector, the production and introduction of low quality and/or adulterated oils in the market is a common occurrence. Consequently, the development and availability of high resolution, rapid, sensitive, and selective Analytical Equipment and methodologies are of a prime requirement for the analysis of essential oils and aroma chemicals. Thanks to the use of S&T equipment, a number of Indian F&F houses have been able to become major domestic and international suppliers of ingredients, including large multinational companies. The same is the case with Pharma. Indian suppliers have been able to substantially raise the quality of products available and this in turn has significantly raised the profile of India in the international market.


A Partnership Worth Celebrating

We are here today to celebrate 45 years of partnership between Shimadzu Corporation and Toshvin Analytical. The fact that this partnership has managed to survive these 45 eventful years is due to the loyalty, integrity, hard work, vision and generosity of the retired founders. My sincere congratulations to both Shimadzu and Toshvin team on achieving this milestone and wishing you both many more years of togetherness…. Thank you!

At Ultra we are pleased to support Shimadzu’s analytical equipment as part of our sophisticated Research, Regulatory and Quality Control department. Based in our New Delhi Creative Centre this facility supports the activities of all our sister company’s within the Ultra Group. Learn more here