All set to ACE the UK market November 17, 2020

Ultra-International UK will offer our entire array of naturals and plant products in convenient size packages to meet smaller volume requirements. Ultra UK will also create new blends with essential oils and base oils to cater to the rising demand for aromatherapy oils and perfumery products.

In addition to sourcing new raw materials, our product portfolio includes pure and natural oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts. Strict adherence to AFNOR and ISO standards is instrumental in delivering high quality with authentic documentation for single components and blends. Ultra UK’s skill and flexibility in blending and filling will enable Ultra International to deliver superior value by way of a 360-degree botanical to bottle solution.

The Ultra Group is also pleased to welcome Jos Cunnigham to its global team. Jos takes over as General Manager of Ultra International UK. In 2011 Jos’s Geological career took a strange but sweet smelling turn when he started selling essential oils. An aromatic journey ensued, which continues to deliver high quality natural raw materials to his customers.

Ultra’s quest to increase its global reach continues. We have taken a step to improve services to clients in the UK. The acquisition of Absolute Cosmetic Essentials Limited has reinforced Ultra’s formidable leadership position in the world of aromatic essences.

For further enquiries please contact Jos Cunningham at