AAIC 2016 January 22, 2016

AAIC_2016Ultra are pleased to be attending this year’s AAIC congress in New Delhi, April 22-24 2016. Organised by the Essential Oil Association of India the Asian Aromas and Ingredients Congress is set to be a major event amongst producers, traders and end users. The congress Chairman, S.C. Varshney quoted as saying:

AAIC – 2016 and AAC – 2016 will bring together producers, processors, exporters and scientists devoted to essential oils and their value added products along with growers of essential oil bearing crops of Asia at one platform to discuss various issues concerning the future of Essential Oil / Aroma Ingredients Industry.

Asia is not only the largest producer of natural extracts, essential oils and isolates but has also become a major partner in production of many aroma chemicals which were, so far, being produced by European companies.

Asia’s biodiversity and sustainable agriculture at affordable cost, make it an ideal epicentre of perfumery industry for the future.

Along with Van Aroma (as Gold Sponsor), the teams of Ultra International Limited and Ultra International B.V. will be present at the event and look forward to meeting you there.

During the event the Van Aroma and Ultra Team turned on the style!!
(Posted 25th April)